Michael Jackson conceived his two eldest children with ex-wife Debbie Rowe using a "sperm doctor", according to a book proposal the superstar's older brother JERMAINE put forward in 2003. The eight-page synopsis, obtained by the New York Daily News, for Jermaine's unpublished book LEGACY: SURVIVING THE BEST AND THE WORST contradicts the THRILLER singer's claim he fathered PRINCE MICHAEL I, nine, and PARIS, seven, "the natural way". Instead, Jermaine alleges Michael paid "several million dollars" to Rowe for carrying the artificially inseminated babies. In the book outline, the 51-year-old says, "My brother purchased children... It is like a sanctioned black market." Jermaine also claims Michael married Rowe, who he described as someone "nobody would ever look twice at", so as not to upset his Muslim friends by impregnating a woman outside of wedlock. Jermaine makes no mention of how Michael conceived his third child, four-year-old PRINCE MICHAEL II, whose mother's identity remains unknown.