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BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! There isn't a truthful Michael Jackson fan site on the entire planet. Every one of them is so stilted in MJ's favor that it's like reading a circus book.Go check them out, no kidding. None of the stats match on those sites, every dam*ned one of them purports to be the "Official Michael Jackson Website". It's the biggest collection of lies, fantasy and all around bullcrap you'll ever read in your life. I'm serious. Go read their forums and see if you don't agree that there are some people with EXTREME mental problems on display. I tell you what, I sure wouldn't want anybody knowing I was an MJ fan these days. Your neighbors will be calling the cops and reporting your azz for molesting little boys if they hear you playing MJ music. I think this site does an excellent job of reporting and that it is unbiased. I readily admit I'm biased. I don't like nutcases or molesters and Michael Jackson is both. Well done Contact Music. Keep up the good work.news://alt.music.michael-jackson

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It is so frustrating reading your stories on Michael Jackson. The money paid to Ms. Rowe was not hush money - that you continue to come up with this sensational BS is just so aggravating -- the money was a part of an arrangement he made with her regarding custody of two of his three children. If anyone cares to find out the deal - the documents related to their agreement are available for public view at TMZ.com. Clearly hush money might grab more eyeballs than custody agreement, which is kina (yawns) -- but come on -- stop misleading people - and actually act like journalists for a change instead of tabloid reporters. Michael deserves better than this. BTW, I don't see squat on your site about the Prince's interview from last week about the release of the Katrina single - Now That's News -- you need some direction -- okay -- how bout you navigate ur butts over to mjjforum.com and you're sure to see the buzz over there by people who actually fact check -- peace

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