Michael Jackson's most famous spiritual adviser fears the King of Pop is heading for a messy end, and fears his former friend's life will be "cut short" like Elvis Presley's.

RABBI SHMULEY BOTEACH spoke out during an appearance on this morning's (22APR04) AMERICAN MORNING show on CNN, insisting he's worried about the troubled pop star as he faces a legal battle after being indicted on child molestation charges.

Boteach said, "Michael's life is in serious decline even without this indictment. He has not sort of gotten that there has to be major changes."

Boteach insisted his old friend is innocent of the seven counts of child molestation filed last year (03), but Jackson needs to be more aware of what's happening around him.

He added, "My criticism of Michael is his self-absorption; the whole celebrity thing where he needs to feel like he's worshipped."

Boteach went on to reveal he quit as Jackson's adviser when he realised other forces close to the singer were advising him to ignore the Jewish guru's concerns for his spiritual well being.

The rabbi adds, "My great fear... was that he would not live long. My fear was that Michael's life would be cut short.

"When you have no ingredients of a healthy life; when you are totally detached from that which is normal, and when you are a super-celebrity you, God forbid, end up like Janis Joplin, like ELVIS... Michael is headed in that direction."

22/04/2004 21:06