Michael Jackson's legal team have served up a booklet of facts to legal officials in Santa Maria, California, which they insist will prove their client is innocent of child molestation.

Lawyers MARK GERAGOS and Ben Brafman took boxes of evidence into a Santa Maria courthouse on Friday (02APR04) for the preliminary hearing into the Jackson case. They claim the items in the boxes will help Jackson should the case go before a Grand Jury, and they have made it very easy for jurors and officials to realise the pop superstar's innocence by drawing up 20 books full of evidence - one for each member.

They claim some of the material "impacts dramatically the credibility of witnesses who have already testified to the Grand Jury". Geragos and Brafman told legal officials on Friday they thought some witnesses should be recalled as a result of the new evidence.

The main decision from the judge in the courtroom was not to lift a gag order, which has prevented prosecution and defence lawyers from talking to the press about the case.

Jackson was not in court on Friday.

04/04/2004 20:52