Michael Jackson and his kids feast on KFC chicken every time they have to jump on a plane, according to new family flight records.

Investigators have seized Jackson's in-flight menus, together with other official documents, after raiding the pop superstar's regular airline and his personal travel agent's office.

The investigators are trying to find out what goes on onboard planes the King Of Pop and his children use as the prosecution in Jackson's child molestation case builds its case against the singer.

According to the document, dated 1 September, 2003, "White wine in Diet Coke can on every flight" is required whenever Jackson flies. This coincides with Vanity Fair writer MAUREEN ORTH's allegation that Jackson gave the minor who is accusing him of molestation some wine hidden in Coke cans on a flight from Florida in February 2003.

Perhaps the strangest requirement in terms of food is Jackson's need for KFC for every inflight meal. On very short flights, he prefers cheese and crackers and fruit plates.

Jackson's young children, Prince and PARIS, are forbidden to have peanut butter, sugar and chicken skin on flights. KFC is part of their daily regimen, but it must be stripped of all skin.

And Jackson's toddler, PRINCE MICHAEL II, who is always fed by his nanny, Grace, also gets the KFC treats, cut up into pieces.

10/03/2004 03:00