The confidential settlement Michael Jackson's ex-wife DEBBIE ROWE signed to end her marriage to the pop superstar is set to go public as the former dermatologist's assistant fights for custody of her kids.

Jackson's custody lawyer Thomas Hall has been battling to seal the confidentiality agreement signed by the former couple, but late yesterday (02FEB05) he abruptly dropped his motion, according to US court show CELEBRITY Justice.

The show's reporters immediately obtained court documents in Rowe's custody fight for her daughter PARIS, six, and son PRINCE MICHAEL, eight.

And they've discovered details of the confidentiality agreement in amongst the custody battle.

According to the documents, Rowe can't volunteer comments on Jackson's personal life - the confidentiality agreement prohibits Rowe from talking publicly about Jackson's purported drug use and sexual behaviour among other things. If she does, she'd lose her sizeable annual payments from the superstar.

Meanwhile, Rowe has been subpoenaed to appear at Jackson's child molestation trial and legal experts feel sure she'll be compelled to testify.

03/02/2005 02:26