Michael Jackson has been branded "weird" by Macaulay Culkin's father KIT, who alleges the pop superstar once drank out of a baby bottle.

Kit - who is now estranged from all of his seven children, including actor RORY CULKIN - often supervised his sons' trips to Jackson's Neverland Ranch in California, but was alarmed by what he saw, which he writes about in his upcoming tell-all book.

JEANETTE, Kit's girlfriend of nine years, tells American TV show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, "Rory was very little and he was sucking on a baby bottle on the floor. And Michael came in with a baby bottle and he laid down on the floor next to Rory and sucked on the baby bottle too. Kit thought it was really weird."

But even though he found Jackson's actions bizarre, Kit is refusing to rush to judgement on the current child molestation charges the star is facing.

Jeanette adds, "Kit also writes about the boy who's making these accusations. You can never not listen to the child who's making these accusations, just in case they're true. But, as in Kit's case, children listen to their mothers."

06/11/2004 03:00