Troubled superstar Michael Jackson's cultural tour of Namibia won't be taking place, because the travel company promising his arrival acted without the singer's permission.

An American organisation purporting to represent Jackson - St Louis-based ADVENTURE IN AFRICA TOURS - had sent a letter to President SAM NUJOMA claiming the THRILLER star planned to visit Namibia as part of a 12-day excursion.

A meeting was scheduled for Jackson with the president at noon today (16APR04), according to Nujoma's personal assistant ANDRE HASHIYANA.

However, Jackson's spokeswoman Raymone K Bain has blasted the travel company for making the arrangement without the singer's consent.

She says, "I guess we will do our due diligence to look into how this happened. These things do happen quite often. There are a lot of misrepresentations and misinformation."

Bain adds that Jackson can't leave America because he had turned in his passport to Santa Barbara County prosecutors in California as a condition of his release after he pleaded innocent to child molestation charges.

16/04/2004 19:44