Michael Jackson enraged JUDGE RODNEY MELVILLE by insisting on dashing to the toilet during his two hour arraignment on Friday (16JAN04).

The pop superstar arrived in court in Santa Maria, California, 20 minutes late, for which he was admonished by the judge.

Melville then turned his anger to Jackson's attorney, MARK GERAGOS, when another lawyer, Ben Brafman, escorted the star to the courthouse restroom.

The judge told Geragos, "In the future can you do something about your client's liquid intake."

In another bizarre moment, Jackson was seen having make-up applied to his face as he left the courthouse with his parents and siblings JERMAINE and Janet.

He then enraged lawmakers in Santa Maria by standing on the roof of his SUV, waving at fans and flashing the peace sign while his song BS blasted out from speakers.

The track is believed to be a personal attack on Santa Barbara, California, District Attorney Tom Sneddon, who led a child molestation investigation against Jackson in 1993, and is in charge of the current scandal.

BEN BRAFMAN, one of four criminal lawyers representing Jackson, admitted he was a shocked as anyone with his client's display.

He says, "I think the outpouring of love for Michael Jackson is universal. This wasn't planned. I've never seen anything like this.

"I am not going to try to change Michael Jackson from being Michael Jackson. This is Michael Jackson."

18/01/2004 10:40