Superstar Michael Jackson has decided to finally show off his children to the public - on a concert stage.

The 46-year-old BAD singer - father of eight-year-old PRINCE MICHAEL I, PARIS, six, and two-year-old PRINCE MICHAEL II - has long been noted for making his children wear veils and facial coverings whenever they step put in public.

But after noticing their love of live performances, Jackson has decided to give them a day onstage.

In an interview with American news man Geraldo Rivera, he says, "They've been on tours with me and in limousines and among a sea of fans. They find it exciting.

"They wanna get onstage. They bug me to go onstage with me, so pretty soon I'm gonna take them on with me and let the world see them for the first time."

07/02/2005 02:57