Troubled superstar Michael Jackson would "freely admit" to reading adult magazines featuring naked women, his lawyer told a California court yesterday (01MAR05).

The THRILLER singer's attorney THOMAS MESEREAU told jurors his famous client had a healthy interest in adult females, on the second day of Jackson's child molestation trial in Santa Maria.

Mesereau also hinted Jackson may take the stand himself in the future.

The prosecution claims Jackson showed pornography to his teenage accuser GAVIN ARVIZO and the alleged victim's brother STAR.

Mesereau said, "Mr Jackson will tell you he found these kids going through his briefcase and he grabbed these magazines and locked them in this briefcase.

"Mr Jackson will freely admit he does read girlie magazines Playboy and Hustler, (but) absolutely denies showing them to children."

The defence went on to label the Arvizo children as "out of control" and alleged the youngsters had been found stealing alcohol from locked cupboards at the superstar's Neverland Ranch home.

Mesereau claimed the children's mother JANET ARVIZO, who now goes by the name JANET JACKSON since marrying last year (04), spent thousands of dollars of Jackson's money on shopping sprees.

He also alleged Janet claimed welfare payments from the government, despite her then-boyfriend earning $8,000 (GBP4,200) a month from his job as an army major.

Mesereau raised questions about Janet's official filing of abuse claims, pointing out she visited a lawyer, LARRY FELDMAN, not the police.

He said, "Their DNA is not there (in Jackson's bedroom) because the molestation claims are fiction. It's going to be a long trial and you are going to see lots of evidence. But we are extremely confident that when you do you are going to find Michael Jackson not guilty of any of this."

02/03/2005 09:41