Troubled pop superstar Michael Jackson wants to launch a pop comeback collaborating with rapper 50 CENT. The singer, who was acquitted on child molestation charges last year (05), revealed his plans to G-Unit member Dj Whoo Kid, who recently spent time with Jackson in Bahrain. The pair became friends and now Whoo Kid - who has been hired to DJ a number of parties for the Bahrain royal family - wants to help orchestrate a spectacular return for Jackson and bring him and G-Unit colleague 50 Cent together. He tells, "I (saw) Michael Jackson sitting by the pool sippin' lemonade. They didn't tell me he was going to be there - I didn't even expect Michael to be in the country. So I'm like, 'F**king Michael Jackson is here.'" He later dined with Bahrain ruler SHEIKH ABDULLAH BIN HAMAD AL-KHALIFA, singer John Legend and Jackson. Whoo Kid adds, "Mike was like, 'Whoo Kid, come sit over here.' "He was supposed to be there for like 45 minutes; he stayed for five hours. We was talking about Eminem. He was like, 'Is Eminem really retired?' I forgot that Eminem totally cremated him in one video (LOSE IT), but (Michael) didn't even bring it up. Then he started talking about 50." Whoo Kid later arranged a phone conversation between the two.