LATEST: Michael Jackson's parents have confirmed they'll try to adopt their troubled son's three children if they're taken away from him.

Top American lawyer Gloria Allred is calling for California's child welfare authorities to remove Jacko's kids while he's fighting child molestation charges, but KATHERINE and Joe Jackson have a plan should that ever happen.

Joe Jackson says, "I'm not going to let nobody take those kids. They're Michael's kids. They have no right to take those kids." Katherine adds, "If they do, I'll be right there, but I don't wanna think like that because that would be really mean for them to just take his children from him like that for nothing."

The Jackson parents are also using an interview in a new British documentary to pour scorn on claims made by their former son-in-law, JACK GORDON, that he saw Michael Jackson cavorting with young boys at his Neverland RANCH home.

Katherine fumes, "He never met Michael. He's lying."

15/12/2003 03:14