LATEST: Superstar Michael Jackson has laughed off reports he will collaborate with rapper 50 CENT in his pop comeback. Earlier this week (25APR06), a press release seemingly issued from Jackson's new record label, the Bahrain-based Two Seas Records, claimed the BAD hitmaker was working with the hip-hop star, newcomer LUCY DIAMONDS and Dj Whoo Kid on the song NOW THAT I FOUND LOVE on a mixtape named MJ UNIT - THE TAKEOVER. However, Two Seas spokeswoman SUE HARRIS has denied the collaboration will take place and confirmed the press release was phony. She tells, "I do not know who put this story out, certainly not us. But it doesn't surprise me. "As far as we are concerned, details regarding the recording of Michael Jackson's albums are being kept under wraps. We will not be making any comments as to who may or may not be working with Michael Jackson in the studio. We will not be making any announcements, nor will we be reacting to any speculation or reports in the media." DJ Whoo Kid, who recently visited Jackson in Bahrain, adds, "I don't know who made that up. I don't know who Lucy Diamonds is." Jackson has been living the Middle Eastern nation since he was acquitted of child molestation charges last June (05).