Michael Jackson's former maid saw the superstar kissing and fondling actor Macaulay Culkin, the BAD singer's child molestation trial heard yesterday (07APR05).

Housekeeper ADRIAN MARY McMANUS told jurors at the Santa Maria, California, court that the Home Alone actor was constantly at Jackson's California Neverland ranch between 1991 and 1993.

And she testified that Culkin shared Jackson's bed, left his underwear in the singer's Jacuzzi and allowed Jackson to kiss his cheek, despite Culkin's fervent denials he was abused by the 46-year-old.

She told jurors, "I was cleaning up and I saw Mr Jackson and Macaulay in the library and Mr Jackson was kissing him on the cheek and he had his hand by his leg at the rear."

Prosecutor RON ZONEN asked her, "Where did he stay?"

McManus replied, "In Mr Jackson's bedroom... In his bed. Because I would go to Mr Jackson's room the next day and there would be just one bed that I had to fix."

Jackson has pleaded not guilty to 10 felony charges of child molestation, administering an intoxicating agent and conspiracy involving allegations of child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion.

The trial continues.

08/04/2005 14:06