A dismissed jury candidate for Michael Jackson's upcoming child molestation battle fears the King of Pop won't get a fair trial because she was the only black juror.

Juror #240, who goes by the name of CAROLINE, appeared on US breakfast show Good Morning America yesterday (25FEB05), when she warned Jackson that she'd be worried if she were him.

Caroline, who was one of only a few black jury candidates, insists she was removed from the jury selection when she made it clear that she didn't think the King of Pop would get a fair hearing by a jury of his peers.

She told GMA, "If I was sitting in his shoes I'd be worried. I just feel that I would just want someone there that I could relate to; someone who understood me."

Caroline urged those picked as jury members for the trial, which starts on Monday (28FEB05), to make their decisions based only on the facts and evidence brought into court.

Meanwhile, Jackson's father Joe Jackson admits he's disappointed there will be no black juror when his son's trial starts.

He says, "I'm sorry that they got rid of the black juror because we needed that juror and it's not fair."

26/02/2005 02:16