Troubled pop star Michael Jackson has hit back at reports he had to break up a fist fight between his brothers and members of NATION OF ISLAM, insisting there's no rift.

Insiders claim JERMAINE, JACKIE and Tito Jackson fell out with Nation officials when they refused to let them see their brother.

The fracas reportedly turned into a fight which Michael had to step into to stop.

But he says, "Let me state for the record this is not true. There is no rift."

Jackson's biographer J RANDY TARABORRELLI, who is still close to the Jacksons, claims the King of Pop is on the verge of dumping all his links to Nation of Islam in the coming weeks.

He says, "I've learned there's going to be a huge shift in the next couple of weeks. We're going to see the Nation out completely."

11/02/2004 09:23