Troubled pop superstar Michael Jackson was held in a women's cell after being charged with child molestation last week (20NOV03), according to another inmate at California's Santa Barbara County Jail.

Drug convict VALENTINO ZILIOTTO claims Jackson smiled and waved and was cheered by inmates as he was booked by officers.

Valentino says, "They had him with his hands against the wall and they patted him down.

"They took him to where you get your fingerprints and mugshot taken. We all cheered him on.

"He went into the women's holding cell. He was smiling and flashing a peace sign. He was having a good time."

The singer, accused of molesting 12-year-old cancer-suffered GAVIN ARVIZO, was released on $3 million (GBP1.75 million) bail.

28/11/2003 03:26