Michael Jackson's former dancer is selling a tell-all story about her alleged fling with the troubled superstar.

Dancer TATIANA THUMBTZEN, who starred opposite Jackson in his THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL video, reportedly had a relationship with the star in 1988 after they were pictured kissing.

Jackson said of Thumbtzen, "I love her because she's warm, caring and exciting."

But the pair fell out - and now Thumbtzen has written a tell-all account of her experiences with Jackson as his trial on child molestation charges looms.

A source close to the dancer tells THE SCOOP, "They had a falling out over - depending on who you want to believe - money or one time when she tried to kiss him without his permission.

"She used to tell me lots of dirt about him and the craziness that was always going on and about Michael's complete obsession with Macaulay Culkin, and about how Michael was always talking about how he couldn't wait to see Macaulay and his bee-stung lips."

17/08/2004 16:59