Michael Jackson's chef was devastated upon learning the King of Pop had died after she was sent home following a crazy morning at the pop superstar's rented Hollywood home.
Kai Chase had just prepared the singer's lunch when Jackson's "frantic" personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray burst into the kitchen and asked the cook to get the pop star's son Prince Michael.
Minutes later, security guards and paramedics swarmed the Holmby Hills home as Chase, a maid and Jackson's three children prayed that everything was going to be OK.
The chef recalls, "You could feel the energy change... It was a happy home, there's music playing throughout the house, fireplaces roaring and beautiful laughter... It just felt still, it just felt like a distant feeling.
"We're all panicking and wondering what's going on. Paris is screaming and crying, 'Daddy, daddy...'
"Security comes to us and asked us, 'At this point we're asking that you leave the house.'"
Minders then told Chase that Jackson had been taken to hospital - but she had no idea how ill her dying boss was.
She adds, "I'm driving in my car and I hear... 'Mr. Jackson's pronounced dead.'
"I had to pull over... Who knew? I panicked. I was devastated and started crying. This was a lovely man. This man was sensational... He was a fabulous father of his children."
Now, Chase, who started working for Jackson in March (09), is left with happy memories of a devoted family man who prized meal times with his kids: "He spent a lot of time with his children... at the dinner table... He would always make great ambiance in the dining room - turn the lights down... turn up the music.
"In the day times he would have, maybe, some of the art he enjoyed, that he collected, and he'd have it around the dining room, so the kids would have an impression they were eating in a museum."