Michael Jackson called on an Indian spiritual guru to help him get through his current child molestation scandal.

The pop superstar reportedly called Varanasi-based astrologer DEOKI NANDAN SHASTRI shortly after police raided his Neverland home in California in late 2003 for spiritual guidance.

Shastri, who has also served as a guru to Goldie Hawn, called Jackson's aides to offer his support after hearing of his friend's plight, and was thrilled when the King of Pop called him back.

The guru tells American tabloid the GLOBE, "He confessed to me that he was overwhelmed and terribly distraught. He said he just could not go on.

"He wept like a little child and begged me to tell him what to do... He was an emotional wreck."

Shastri claims the pair spent an hour chatting on the phone and he told Jackson to be "more charitable" and to "readjust his karma and become more in tune with nature".

The guru adds, "After an hour on the telephone, he seemed more peaceful - more at rest within himself."

24/03/2005 08:58