LATEST: Pop superstar Michael Jackson has avoided compulsory jury service in California on a technicality because he has permanently moved out of America.

The THRILLER singer, who has been living in Bahrain since being acquitted of child molestation charges in June (05), had the court summons sent to his Neverland Ranch.

But the New York Daily News reports the singer is to be ruled out of the Santa Barbara jury because he is no longer a local resident.

Court spokesman GARY BLAIR says, "Our jury services supervisor spoke with (Jackson's attorney) a couple of days ago and he notified her that Mr Jackson was in Bahrain and that he would be changing his permanent address to somewhere other than the ranch.

"We have given him a routine deferral for 90 days to get more information about the change of a address and, if that is correct, we will exempt him because he would no longer be eligible."

It is unclear whether Jackson intends to sell his theme park home, bought in 1988 for $17 million (GBP9.4 million).