LATEST: A former aide of Michael Jackson has bought the trial notes written by an alternate juror at the pop superstar's child molestation trial for $2,550 (GBP1,460). VINCENT AMEN, who was almost called up as a co-defendant in Jackson's abuse trial last year (05), bought the notes taken by father-of-three and delivery driver JEFFREY WELBAUM off auction website eBay. Welbaum's jottings are on his official court issued steno pads and come with his juror badge and service certificate. As an alternate juror, Welbaum was not required to deliberate on the case. Amen's lawyer MICHAEL BACHNER tells The New York Post, "It was purely a memorabilia purchase. He felt the price was really low and he just thought it'd be a cool thing to have. "I would have bid (more money) on it had I known it was available. I think it'd be an interesting thing to have." Jackson was acquitted of all charges last June (05).