The uncle of Michael Jackson's first child molestation accuser is disappointed his nephew won't be testifying in the King of Pop's current trial, but insists information from the boy's mother should be enough to convict him.

Raymond Chandler accepts his nephew JORDY won't take part in the Jackson trial in Santa Maria, California, because he's sick of being "the Michael Jackson boy", but the former lawyer is convinced the original accuser could be the key to locking the pop star away.

He says, "I understand his reasons. I think they're all legitimate reasons but I think they're all outweighed by the fact that this is a man who, if he's set free, will have access to more children.

"My nephew's testimony could be the one piece of evidence that stops him from getting that."

But Chandler, who is now estranged from his nephew's family, insists scheduled testimony from the boy's mother could be enough to convict Jackson.

He adds, "She's gonna tell the jury that her son slept alone with Michael Jackson in various locations around the world about 50 or 60 nights conservatively, which means that this was not an impromptu sleepover that happened occasionally at Neverland; this was a long-term relationship."

31/03/2005 02:28