Michael Jackson's teenage child molestation accuser and his younger brother have sent their father into despair - insisting they never want to see him again.

DAVID ARVIZO lost a bid for joint custody of his sons last month (FEB04) and has since spiraled into depression, and now he's been served a handful of further set backs - his boys want him cut off from their lives for good.

In court papers obtained by American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, his eldest son GAVIN writes, "Due to the situation and events that have occurred in my life, I do not want to see my father David right now."

And his younger brother adds, "I do not want to see my father David because he was never a father to me. My stepdad, mom's boyfriend, was more of a father in two years than he was in my 13 years on earth."

Meanwhile, Arvizo's lawyer H RUSSELL HALPERN attempts to paint his client as a victim of court orders, claiming, "His children have been without their father because of court orders for two years now... We can only speculate what may have been said about the dad during this time."

But his ex-wife, Janet, who filed spousal abuse charges against Arvizo, maintains he's still a threat to the family. In the leaked court papers, she writes, "Every single night one of my sons barricades the front door, putting two chairs in front of the door. Both boys sleep with a baseball bat."

19/03/2004 09:25