A selection of top hairdressers are convinced Michael Jackson is wearing a wig to his child molestation trial.

The BAD singer's dash to court in his pyjamas on Thursday (11MAR05) from his hospital bed has led to speculation he is suffering from baldness - because his hair appeared to be in perfect condition.

London hairdresser FELENY GEORGHIOU says, "The big giveaway is at the top of the forehead where you can quite clearly see where the hair has been sewn in.

"When he turned up in court from his hospital bed on Thursday his hair was just too perfect to be his own. It was pristine. Only hair from a wig falls in that way."

Meanwhile, New York hair stylist MARIO CARRASCO adds, "The wind was blowing, and his hair was moving, but just the outer layer. Human hair would open up and fly all over the place."

13/03/2005 10:28