Four members of the JACKSON 5 have agreed to settle two copyright-infringement lawsuits out of court - but Michael Jackson remains determined to fight.

Brothers TITO, MARLON, JACKIE, JERMAINE and MICHAEL JACKSON stand accused of failing to credit record producer GORDON KEITH and R+B group RIPPLES + WAVES for work on CD compilations of the Jacksons' early performances.

PRE-HISTORY: THE LOST STEELTOWN RECORDINGS was released in 1996 and allegedly contains two songs written and recorded by Ripples + Waves, but wrongly credited to the Jackson 5.

In 1999, Universal Music released RIPPLES + WAVES: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE JACKSON 5, which also credited the sibling band for material belonging to Ripples + Waves.

Ripples + Waves members ELVY WOODARD and ALAN MICHAEL ROGERS have said the misappropriation of their stage names misleads people into believing that the Jackson 5 once performed as Ripples + Waves.

Indeed, the mistake is apparently recorded in reference books, websites and a biography at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Michael, currently fighting child abuse allegations, is the only one of the now-defunct group not to have signed off on a tentative confidential agreement this week (ends12DEC03).

NORMAN REED, an attorney for the plaintiffs, says, "We're excited about the idea that we've been able to get this resolved. After this much time of working on the case, it feels like a victory to us."

Jackson family attorney OREN WARSHAVSKY says he expects certain details of the settlement to be made public eventually, but adds, "I'm not going to comment other than to say my clients are very happy that everyone can move on."

But Michael remains a defendant in both suits, though Reed claims progress is being made on an out-of-court settlement between the BAD singer and his clients on the Pre-History case, which is due for its day in court next March (04).

11/12/2003 00:13