Michael Jackson's former security boss is certain that the King of Pop's former pal Macaulay Culkin could hold the key to the truth behind the latest bout of child molestation allegations.

ROBERT WEGNER - who documented his time at the Neverland ranch in tome MY THREE YEARS WORKING FOR MICHAEL JACKSON - is convinced that something was very wrong at the Santa Barbara, California address.

And Wegner cites an alleged uncomfortable incident between Jackson and Culkin as significant to the recent investigation.

He says, "All of a sudden he (Macaulay) just blurted out, 'Get the f*** away from me,' and just walked away from him."

Wegner also spoke of how terrible he felt when he saw television footage of the 'hidden room' inside the sprawling estate.

He adds, "It was scary. (When I was there) I started feeling this evil throughout the ranch.

"There were a 100 unsupervised sleepovers - one girl, the rest were all boys."

28/11/2003 09:07