Michael Jackson's public persona is set to be tarnished further when his former publicist publishes a book detailing the BAD singer's relationships with young boys.

BOB JONES - who was sacked by Jackson last year (JUN04) in acrimonious circumstances after 30 years of service - joined forces with author STACY BROWN to write MICHAEL JACKSON: THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK.

The forthcoming expose will shed light on the 46-year-old's relationships with MACAULAY and Kieran Culkin, Emmanuel Lewis, JORDAN CHANDLER, WADE ROBESON, BRETT BARNES and JIMMY SAFECHUCK.

Brown tells PAGESIX.COM, "Bob confronted Michael a few times about his behaviour with little boys. In no uncertain terms, Michael told Bob to mind his own business.

"He saw him suck on baby bottles with Emmanuel Lewis and Kieran Culkin. He never saw him do it with Macaulay, though."

The book also claims Jackson would concoct fictitious medical ailments in order to shirk commitments he no longer wanted to fulfill.

Brown continues, "One time, Michael checked into a hospital and said he had chest pains because he didn't want to perform at a concert. He would come up with these schemes with Bob to get out of commitments."

Both Jones and Brown have been subpoenaed to testify in Jackson's child molestation trial, but Jones was not tied down to a confidentiality agreement by his former employer.

Jackson's current spokesperson RAYMONE BAIN says, "Because they are both witnesses, I am under the gag order and I cannot address it. I guess we'll have to wait until the book comes out to comment on it."

06/04/2005 03:14