Michael Jackson is set to be immortalised again, following his death in 2009, in a documentary made by close friend David Gest, a film that - the 58 year-old says - is not an attempt to cash-in at all, pointing out, "This is not a rehashed story. It's totally new in what you learn."
Titled 'The Life Of An Icon', the film follows one documentary already, 'Michael Jackson's This Is It' which focused on rehearsals ahead of his 2009 come back tour that never took place, along with a $60 million Cirque Du Soleil extravaganza recently launched in Canada and a tribute concert held for the star in Wales. However, Gest told Reuters that "There's a place if it tells a story that nobody knows and you enlighten the public (as) to who he is . This film is so different because I would say 90 percent of it is new information you have never heard. You see who the man was behind the music." The documentary features interviews with Jackson's mother Katherine, siblings Tito and Rebbie and friends and colleagues including Smokey Robinson, Dionne Warwick and Whitney Houston. The film has its premiere in London tonight (November 2nd 2011).
Gest's been talking about Jackson elsewhere too, telling Bbc's Breakfast Show that the late star never recovered from a notorious incident in 1984 where his hair was set on fire whilst filming a Pepsi commercial. "It was that accident," he insisted, "when you get a head concussion it changes your life because you get addicted to drugs, to get rid of all the pain, and that started with filming that commercial."