Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson and her mom Debbie Rowe have been reconnecting recently, and with Paris’s suicide attempt from last week, it seems that a custody battle is a real possibility at this point. Tmz reports that after the suicide attempt, the court is looking into Paris’s welfare.

As Debbie is Paris’s biological mother (typically favored in custody cases) and the two have a good relationship, at this point there’s every chance that the custody rights over 15-year-old Paris might be transferred from her grandmother/manager Katherine Jackson and uncle Tj (whose role, according to Tmz, is largely marginal) onto Rowe. Of course, in the initial custody case in 2009, following Michael Jackson’s death, Paris’s mother made no attempt to win custody over her daughter, but it appears things have changed. According to sources, Debbie is ready and willing to take over as Paris’s guardian, should the girl want this arrangement. The court is also going to respect the teenager’s wishes in the matter. So apparently the entire situation hangs on Paris’s word.

Apparently, she is very likely to give the word – lately, Paris has been frustrated that her grandmother isn’t more connected with her life. This is reportedly part of the reason behind her seeking to reconnect with her mother. Assuming that this is all true, it would mean that Paris is highly likely to find herself with a new guardian in the coming weeks. Hopefully, this will also help the young woman recover after her suicide attempt and get back on track with her life and career.