DR. Conrad Murray's lawyers have lost a last-minute bid to re-examine key evidence used to convict the medic on an involuntary manslaughter charge relating to the death of Michael Jackson.
Earlier this month (Nov11), Murray was found guilty of administering the dose of powerful drug propofol which cost the King of Pop his life in 2009 and he is due to be sentenced next week (29Nov11).
His legal team attempted to challenge the verdict by filing a request on Friday (18Nov11) asking for additional analysis of a drug vial thought to have contained the fatal dose of the anaesthetic to disprove a medical theory proposed by one of the prosecution's witnesses.
During the final day of Murray's trial, drug expert Dr. Steven Shafer suggested to the court that the doctor had likely added another drug to the propofol vial found at the scene of Jackson's death to help the singer with his insomnia.
Murray's lawyer J. Michael Flanagan took issue with the theory and returned to a Los Angeles court on Monday (21Nov11) to ask Judge Michael Pastor to order an independent laboratory test of the vial to determine the accuracy of Shafer's testimony.
Deputy District Attorney David Walgren opposed the request, insisting the defence team had no legal basis for the tests now the trial is over, and Judge Pastor agreed - he rejected the motion and told Flanagan, "There is no justification for the court to respond favourably to this type of extraordinary motion."
Murray, who was taken into custody after his conviction, faces a maximum of four years in prison when he is sentenced on 29 November (11).