DR. Conrad Murray's lawyers will no longer argue that Michael Jackson administered the dose of Propofol which cost him his life after acknowledging that taking the powerful anaesthetic orally would not have been fatal on its own.
Murray is accused of injecting Jackson with the drug, but he has denied a charge of involuntary manslaughter and his lawyers' primary defence rested on their claim that the Thriller superstar swallowed the killer dose of Propofol himself.
However, the medic's lead attorney made a stunning admission in court on Wednesday (12Oct11), admitting that they had been proved wrong by their own independent study.
Murray claims he only administered a small amount of Propofol to Jackson, despite toxicology reports showing his death was the result of an overdose.
Murray's reputation as a doctor was also called into question in court on Wednesday after he was discredited by leading Californian cardiologist Dr. Alon Steinberg, who was called to testify for the prosecution.
Steinberg criticised Murray's care of Jackson, insisting he showed an "extreme deviation" from the general standard of practice by treating the King of Pop's insomnia troubles with Propofol.
Referring to a transcript of Murray's police interview, in which he described the events surrounding the star's passing, Steinberg claimed to have found six separate and distinct examples of "gross negligence".
He told the jury at Los Angeles Superior Court that he had never heard of an insomniac being treated with Propofol, which should only be used in a hospital setting.
Steinberg also stated that, based on Murray's own admissions, the accused doctor lacked the basic equipment needed in case of an emergency and failed to make notes regarding Jackson's treatment and vital signs - which are a legal requirement for all medics.
Steinberg then questioned Murray's decision to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (Cpr) on Jackson when he initially lost consciousness - as he should have administered an antidote and used a bag valve mask to help resuscitate Jackson.