Dr Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial moved into its second week in Los Angeles on Monday (3rd October 2011), with the jury hearing testimony from a key witness - Dr Richelle Cooper, who worked in the emergency room as Michael Jackson's lifeless body was brought in, reports the Associated Press.

Murray is accused of giving Jackson a fatal dose of the powerful anaesthetic Propofol, but Dr Cooper claims Murray never mentioned giving the singer the drug when asked. She said Murray told her he'd given Jackson the sedative lorazepam but never mentioned anything else. The physician was on duty at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre the day Jackson died. She gave paramedics permission to pronounce the singer dead at his home, but he was later rushed to hospital because Dr Murray wanted resuscitation efforts to continue. The doctor's attorneys are sticking by their theory that Jackson gave himself a lethal dose of Propofol when Murray had left the room. If found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, the Houston-based cardiologist faces four years behind bars. Dr Cooper is the twelfth witness prosecutors have called to the trial, which is expected to last around five years.

During the opening days, the jury were played an iPhone recording of Jackson in a drugged state, mumbling and slurring. The singer's family were said to have been shocked by the audio recording.