Michael Jackson and his family are threatening to hold up a massive charity auction by contesting the validity of some of the items up for sale. Bosses at Universal Express Inc. are planning to hold the Jackson Family Memorabilia Auction later this month (30-31May07) in Las Vegas, pending threatened legal action by the Jacksons. But the sellers insist all the Jacksons are doing is stopping millions of dollars from going to children's charities. A spokesman for the company confirms, "Universal Express and the auction house Guernsey's have in the past few days received a hearing notice for early next week from Michael Jackson's attorneys contesting ownership of some of the legally purchased collection. "Universal Express and its attorney's will respond to the frivolous accusations of Mr. Jackson's attorneys." And CEO Richard Altomare adds, "When the legal facts of this issue are presented we anticipate that the auction will continue as planned. "We own the property definitively, and this unwarranted interference may result in substantial damages.Any damage, delay, lost momentum or anticipated lost revenues will result in several legal actions for this auction's full potential. Five charities will participate in the results of the auction. I sincerely hope that these children counting on the auction will not be disappointed."