The uncle of Michael Jackson's first child molestation accuser can understand why teenager GAVIN ARVIZO and his brother STAR lied about their relationship with the pop star - his nephew would have done the same.

Raymond Chandler's nephew JORDY was 12 when his family pressed charges against Jackson in 1993. The case was settled out of court to the tune of a reported $20 million (GBP10.5 million).

Chandler is watching the current child molestation case unfold in Santa Maria, California, and admits he can understand how manipulation leads to children lying in interviews.

Arvizo and his brother both admitted they lied about Jackson in a video interview, which set out to portray the pop superstar as a great father figure.

Chandler says, "They're claiming that the accuser told one story to the department of children's services and he (Arvizo) made this rebuttal video, in which he said Michael is a great guy, and now he's changing his testimony.

"Well, actually Michael Jackson, according to my nephew's testimony in 1993, told him to lie. He told him certain questions that might be asked about their relationship.

"Had my nephew been asked to do a video or interview two months before he actually was by authorities, he would have lied too."

30/03/2005 21:19