California's Supreme Court has rejected an appeal to review the involuntary manslaughter conviction of Michael Jackson's former doctor Conrad Murray.

The physician spent nearly two years in jail on an involuntary manslaughter charge following Jackson's death from a lethal dose of the anaesthetic propofol in 2009.

Murray was released from prison last October (13), and earlier this year (Jan14), a panel at a District Court of Appeal in California upheld his conviction and denied a petition asking for a rehearing of the case, prompting the doctor to take his claim to the state Supreme Court.

However, on Wednesday (23Apr14), Murray hit another road block as the state's highest court declined the petition from his lawyer, Valerie Wass, in which she claimed, "The pervasiveness of modern digital media essentially made it impossible for a non-sequestered jury to have entirely avoided media coverage of the case."

After Wednesday's decision, Wass insisted they will not give up, saying, "We're greatly disappointed but we intend to pursue this in federal court. The fight is not over."