A woman claiming to be the mother of Michael Jackson's three children has been banned from intervening in the custody battle between the pop star and his ex-wife DEBBIE ROWE. NONA PARIS LOLA JACKSON, from London, filed court papers in October (06) demanding she be allowed to take part in the settlement - but Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ROBERT SCHNIDER yesterday (21FEB07) ruled the 36-year-old failed to properly notify Jackson and Rowe of her claim. The woman has also failed to provide "credible evidence" she is the mother of PRINCE MICHAEL, 10, PARIS, 8 and PRINCE MICHAEL II, four. In her papers, Nona Jackson claimed, "Michael and I are a sexually active couple and have been this way from the beginning." Rowe is the mother of Prince Michael and Paris. Jackson has never identified the mother of Prince Michael II.