Michael Jackson's attorney is taking increased security measures, after finding a bomb planted on his private property.

Attorney MARK GERAGOS, who is defending the 45-year-old BAD singer against charges he molested a 12-year-old boy on his Neverland ranch in California, was stunned to learn of the malicious action earlier this month (DEC03).

He says, "I've had - recently, within the last 10 days - a pipe bomb placed at my house.

"We've had some construction work and we've got a little PORTAPOTTY in the front for some of the workers. One of the workers discovered a pipe bomb in the front of the house and the police actually came, closed the street off and detonated the bomb.

"The threats are so greatly outnumbered by the overwhelming support, but there are crazies out there and there are people who will do anything."

19/12/2003 18:16