Michael Jackson's biographer insists the King Of Pop's friendship with movie icon Elizabeth Taylor isn't for real - he buys her jewellery so she'll say nice things about him.

STACY BROWN, who has penned MICHAEL JACKSON: THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK with the pop superstar's former aide BOB JONES, suggests Jackson "buys" friends like Taylor because he cares deeply about what they think of him.

Brown says, "Taylor always comes across as a genuine friend but that friendship is bought and paid for. Michael buys her jewellery from all over the world and she says good things about him.

"Most people don't care what Elizabeth Taylor has to say about anyone but he (Jackson) has this fascination with her and people like Liza Minnelli.

"He equates them with royalty - something which he equates himself to as well."

14/07/2005 02:55