LATEST: The Michael Jackson trial yesterday (29MAR05) heard testimony that the mother of his teenage accuser refused financial aid, contradicting defence claims money was the motive behind the molestation charges being levelled against the singer.

JAMIE MASADA said that, following the broadcast of Martin Bashir's controversial 2003 TV documentary LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON, JANET ARVIZO phoned him to say she and her children were being held against their will at Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

Masada, who claimed to have introduced GAVIN ARVIZO - then 13 and suffering from cancer - to Jackson at his LAUGH FACTORY comedy camp for under-privileged children, told the Santa Maria, California court he then introduced Janet to an attorney.

When asked why he put her in touch with legal help, Masada said he thought she could stop the documentary from being repeated on television, after other children at the Laugh Factory started calling Gavin names.

And he added that Janet declined an offer of a substantial amount of money from a donor whose identity Masada didn't reveal.

He said, "I told her a particular person offered to give her a cheque for as much as you and the children want, whatever amount of money you need.

"She said, 'No. Tell him all I need are friends. I don't need money. I need prayer.'"

Janet Arvizo is now known as Janet Jackson following her 2004 marriage.

Jackson denies all the charges against him.

30/03/2005 17:47