The former The Shield star is facing 50 years to life behind bars if convicted of murder with a gun after April, his spouse of 11 years, died from multiple gunshot wounds during an altercation at the family home in Hyde Park, Los Angeles on 19 May, 2014.

Jace admitted to the fatal shooting while reporting the incident to emergency services, but he has since pleaded not guilty to the murder charge.

His trial was scheduled to begin on Monday (25Jan16), but on Thursday (21Jan16), Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Perry agreed to postpone the case so the defence team could recruit an expert to examine the contents of April's cell phone.

In the months after her murder, it was revealed April had been having an affair, although it is not yet known if Jace, 53, knew about the infidelity at the time of his wife's death, which occurred in the presence of their two young sons.

Prosecutors claim he made no mention of the extramarital relations during the initial stages of questioning.

The judge previously ruled jurors should be made aware of the affair during the trial, although only limited details will be presented for consideration.