Testifying in court in Los Angeles on Wednesday (25May16), Nehemiah Jace revealed he heard The Shield star tell his mum, an avid runner, she should "run to heaven" before shooting her twice in the legs in a hallway outside his bedroom.

"Then he shot her," the youngster told the court.

Nemehiah was eight when his father was arrested and charged with murder following the shooting incident in 2014.

In opening arguments on Tuesday (24May16), Jace's lawyer Jamon Hicks revealed the actor has accepted responsibility for killing his wife.

Prosecutors claim he believed his wife, April, was having an affair and wanted a divorce.

Nehemiah and his younger brother were told to go to their bedroom upon arriving home from a baseball game.

The 10-year-old told jurors his father pulled his mother by an arm into the hallway, where she fell - and he heard him shoot her.

If convicted of murder, Jace faces 50 years to life behind bars.