The former The Shield star is facing 50 years to life behind bars if convicted of murder with a gun after April, his spouse of 11 years, died from multiple gunshot wounds during an altercation at the family home in Hyde Park, Los Angeles on 19 May, 2014.

He admitted to the fatal shooting while reporting the incident to emergency services, but he has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge.

It has since emerged April, 40, had been cheating on Jace, and on Friday (20Nov15), Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Perry ruled knowledge of the affair should be mentioned during the jury selection process. He also declared the infidelity will be mentioned during the trial itself, although he is unlikely to allow specific details to be discussed.

Perry told the court, "I think the fact of the affair has some value to the search for the truth here... (but) I'm not going to let the affair consume the trial."

Meanwhile, the judge declared allegations of domestic abuse against Jace during his previous marriage will not be allowed to be introduced at trial.

After the hearing, Jace's attorney, Jamon Hicks, told reporters, "It is not the defence's intention to assassinate the character of the victim in this case. This is not a 'who-done-it' murder. This case is about whether Mr. Jace premeditated the killing or whether he snapped while in the heat of passion."

It is not yet known if Jace, 53, knew about the affair at the time of his wife's death, which occurred in the presence of their two young sons, but a prosecutor claimed the infidelity was only discovered months after April's death and the actor had not mentioned it during questioning.

His trial is due to begin on 25 January (16).