Jace, who played a police officer in gritty TV series The Shield, shot and killed his wife April in 2014, and in court on Tuesday, deputy Los Angeles County District Attorney Tannaz Mokayef accused him of taunting her as she demanded a divorce and then opening fire as their two young sons watched.

The actor's defence attorney, Jamon Hicks, acknowledged his client had killed his wife before stating, "This case is not about who did it... We accept responsibility. This case is not about how it was done... We accept responsibility. This case is about why it was done."

Mokayef told the court Jace was waiting for his wife with a loaded revolver after telling her he was not at home.

The prosecutor then detailed the moment Jace, who has also appeared Planet of the Apes, Boogie Nights, and Forrest Gump, opened fire, revealing he shot April in the back and then fired two more rounds into her legs within sight of the couple's sons, who were eight and five at the time.

The prosecutor also said one of the boys will testify that he heard his father tell his mother, and avid runner, "You like to run so much. Why don't you try running to heaven?"

The actor's calm call to police, during which he insisted "My intent was not to kill her" was also played in court. He also told detectives that he shot his wife in the back after she lunged at him.

Mokayef said the evidence will prove Jace planned to shoot his wife because he believed she was having an affair and wanted a divorce.

The trial continues.