Michael J Fox will return to screens next year with a new sitcom on NBC, partly based on his own life. Facing stiff competition from the other major networks, chairman Robert Greenblatt offered the actor and his team something unheard of in television these days: a promise to make and air a full season of 22 episodes of the show, reports the New York Times.
So why did Nbc want the show so badly? Sure, Michael J Fox is a popular movie and television star and his performances in 'The Good Wife' and 'Spin City' went down well, but how will he fare returning to television comedy? Perhaps Greenblatt knows something that audiences don't (we're assuming he does, having heard the pitch for the series) and we can only surmise that the currently untitled show is going to be something pretty special. Landing Fox is described as a big "get" for Greenblatt, and the comedy could prove to be the defining factor in his success or failure of reshaping Nbc's primetime fortunes. CBS were reportedly very much in the hunt for Fox's sitcom, though were eventually discarded at the last minute. ABC and Fox were out of contention earlier in proceedings.
Michael J Fox seemed happy enough with the deal, saying in a statement, "I'm extremely pleased to be back at Nbc with a great creative team and a great show.Bob Greenblatt and all the folks at the network have given me a warm welcome home, and I'm excited to get to work".