A Canadian sneaker fanatic is urging bosses at sportswear firm Nike to manufacture the one-off 'moonboots' they created for Michael J Fox's character in BACK TO THE FUTURE II with the help of a new TV ad campaign and a 20,000-signature petition. AL CABINO launched his quest to get his hands on a pair of the 'Nike MCFlys' - named after Fox's character in the 1989 time travel movie - by collecting signatures as part of an online campaign last year (05). By Christmas (05), Cabino had amassed 2,800 signatures and he now has 20,000 film and sneaker fans helping him to persuade Nike bosses to launch the shoes to the mass market. He says, "These are the Holy Grail of movie sneakers and Nike only made one pair - worn by a fellow Canadian, Michael J Fox in the Back To The Future sequel. "There is a sneaker legend that says that in 2015, Nike will come out with them. But I'm not going to wait nine years. There are a lot of people who don't want to wait nine years." Cabino, who hopes to persuade Back To The Future stars Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Elijah Wood, TOM WILSON and director Steven Spielberg to add their names to his campaign, has now joined forces with an unnamed New York video mogul to create a TV campaign for his quest.