Michael J Fox will return from his on-screen hiatus to star in a new NBC comedy, The Guardian reports. The show, loosely based on the 51-year olds life, will feature Fox as a New York father of three, desperately trying to balance family life, work and Parkinson's, the disease that he has suffered from since 1990.
"To bring Michael J Fox back to Nbc is a supreme honour, and we are thrilled that one of the great comedic television stars is coming home again," the chairman of Nbc Entertainment, Robert Greenblatt explained, clearly delighted with the stars' return to prominence. Fox made his name in Family Ties playing Alex, before starring in the Back To The Future trilogy, which brought him worldwide acclaim. Spin City, in which he played Mike Flaherty, brought him numerous accolades and cemented his place in the Hollywood hall of fame. Diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1991, after suffering with the symptoms for nearly a year, Fox began to drink excessively, but quickly quelled his issues with alcohol and founded the Michael J Fox Foundation, which is committed to finding a cure for disorder the affects the central nervous system.
It is credit to Michael that he is willing to plunge himself into the high pressure world of TV again, and try to make people laugh. "I have no doubt that the character he will create - and the vivid family characters surrounding him - will be both instantly recognizable and hilarious," continued Greenblatt. The as-yet-untitled series will be broadcast in the U.S from autumn 2013.