Michael J Fox agreed to show the extent of his Parkinson's Disease symptoms during a recent US TV interview when he paused to medicate himself.

The BACK TO THE FUTURE star brought his chat with James Lipton on in-depth talk show INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO to an abrupt halt because he could feel himself starting to shake.

The actor was in the midst of telling Lipton the lengths he took to hide his nervous disorder while he was starring in sitcom Spin City a decade ago, when he asked, "Can I take two minutes?" before explaining he needed to take that time for "a pill to kick in" before walking offstage.

Upon his return, a more composed Fox explained to Lipton and his Actors Studio audience that medicating himself became a problem while he was trying to hide the disease.

He explained, "That was basically what was happening while we were doing the show - I was waiting for a pill to kick in, I was waiting to feel better."

The actor's wife TRACEY POLLAN and his teenage son were in the audience for the taping, which will air in America on Sunday (30OCT05).