Michael Hutchence's half-sister is desperate to reconnect with his daughter.

The INXS frontman took his own life in 1997 when his daughter Tiger Lily was just 15 months old and, following the overdose of her mother Paula Yates in 2000, the youngster was fostered by Bob Geldof, the father of her three half-sisters, Fifi, Pixie, and the late Peaches, with the Boomtown Rats frontman going on to formally adopt her in 2007.

And with Tiger Lily preparing to turn 21 later this week, Tina Hutchence has published an emotional open letter urging her estranged niece to get in touch.

She wrote in Australia's New Idea magazine: ''Since you were very young we have had an unnatural one-way relationship which exists because of tragedy.

''The loss of a loved one normally brings people closer- but there was never going to be anything conventional about this situation. Outside forces intervened and we haven't been afforded an ongoing relationship..

''I wish I were part of your life.''

Tina also offered advice to her younger family member, telling her to choose her friends carefully and urging her to show interest in other people.

The note comes three years after Tina penned a similar message, in which she asked Tiger Lily to return to her father's native Australia, but she admitted a year later that they had ''not too much'' contact.

Meanwhile, the young model will reportedly earn millions from her father's estate when she turns 21 on July 22.

Tiger Lily's trust fund reportedly includes a huge slice of the royalties generated by the rocker's music since his tragic death almost 20 years ago.